Te Arawhiti Funding Support

In response to COVID-19, Te Arawhiti is administering $1 million set aside by the Government as funding to support iwi with their COVID-19 response. Read the guidance on making an application. [PDF, 164 KB]

Funding is available to iwi via application, to support them with the following types of activities within three broad areas:

Communications outreach – developing bespoke communications material, website updates, staffing for wellbeing calls around their community, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, and establishing 0800 phone numbers;

Supporting vaccine uptake – developing bespoke communications material including community spokespersons, particularly for rangatahi, outreach to encourage and facilitate vaccinations, and organising vaccination logistics; and

Response planning – producing or updating iwi COVID-19 response plans particularly to cater to updated guidance on the Delta variant, including procuring specialist advice if required.

Requests for funding are expected to be between $10,000 to $30,000. The guidance on making an application [PDF, 164 KB] sets out the criteria and process for releasing COVID-19 funding to iwi.

To access funding, you will need to submit a funding proposal using the application form. [PDF, 245 KB]

For any enquiries about this funding and to submit completed funding proposals, contact Te Arawhiti by email: IwiResponsePlan@tearawhiti.govt.nz.